Tim CD Lucas

I am a lecturer in the Dept. of Health Sciences at the University of Leicester. My interests encompass statistical methods and mathematical models for studying disease. In particular Iā€™m interested in studying methods that account for multiple temporal or spatial scales. For example, disease progression or diagnosis is typically quite a slow process, but we are exposed to environmental factors such as air pollution every second. Depending on our movement patterns, we can have very different exposures from one minute to the next.

I have a continuing interest in infectious disease models and statistical methods for ecology. Recently this has involved developing models of contact tracing to help guide COVID-19 policy. Previously, I worked as a Research Fellow at Imperial College. Before that I worked with Deirdre Hollingsworth and the Malaria Atlas Project at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford on neglected tropical diseases and malaria.

Please feel free to email me to discuss stats, modelling, R or anything else. If you are a student looking for opportunities such as masters or PhD projects please email to say hello. There are studentships or pre-doctoral fellowships we could develop a project for. My address is tim.lucas ā€” at ā€” le.ac.uk. Or you can say hello on twitter @timcdlucas and @StatsForBios.

I have written a number of R packages which can be found on CRAN or on my github.

Lab Group

I currently supervise these people in some capacity.

PhD students

Hayley Smith. @96HayleySmith. Combining neural networks and survival models and working out how to fairly compare machine learning and statistical models.

Enzo Cerullo. @enzo_cerullo. Methods for assessing test accuracy in the absence of a gold standard pdf. Meta-analyses. Scholar